Approved Paint Pallet

If you choose colors from the approved paint pallet, the approval process is easy as 1-2-3!

1)  Select your color scheme from the approved paint pallet.

2)  Complete the Architectural Request Form available in the Resource Center or VVL Clubhouse.   Make sure to complete ALL the required information. 

3)  Submit the Architectural Form to the Administrative Offices.

That’s it!  No need to wait for an architectural meeting.

The pallet books are available to check out from the Clubhouse for review.  The books may be checked out for up to 3 days.  The colors also have been scanned into the computer and uploaded to this site.

*Important: Colors presented on this web site are provided for general color information and illustration purposes only. Because of the differences in computer monitors, printers, other hardware and software combinations, the colors displayed on your monitor will appear differently than color chips or actual paint.  Please make your final paint selection from the binder.

To view the approved paint pallet Click on "Your Community" and "Photo Albums"
or check out books at Clubhouse front desk! 


Paint Pallet F.A.Q.

Can I mix colors from different sheets and/or paint schemes?

No, the colors were specially grouped together in schemes that best compliment each other and Val Vista Lakes.

Do I have to use 3 colors on my house?

No, two colors (trim and body) are just fine.  This will give the community diversity.

Are these colors approved for all sub-divisions?

No, the gated communities (other than Lakeside) have their own pallets.  Homeowners in those sub associations must still submit to their Management Companies and/or Board of Directors for approval and then submit to the VVL MAC prior to making any changes.

Do I have to use Sherwin Williams?

No, you can use the paint manufacturer of your choice.  Just take the colors to them to have them color matched.  However, we do have discount cards for Frazee Paint available.

Where is the nearest Sherwin Williams?

6737 E. Baseline Rd (west of Power Rd)
Mesa, AZ 85206
(480) 325-6263

Can I use any color listed for a body color?

No, the colors are listed as area specific.  However, please note the areas listed.  Some schemes allow for the body and accent colors to be interchanged.

Where do I apply each color?

Body:  The walls of the home including the garage door(s), common and relevant non-common walls.  The body can be made of stucco, masonry, brick, wood siding, aluminum or vinyl siding.

Trim:  Fascia (roof trim), eaves, gutters, window and door trim.

Accent:  Pop outs, shutters, columns, pillars, wrought –iron railings, wood railings and front door(s).

What if I don’t want colors from the approved pallet?

You can still submit to the VVL Master Architectural Committee (VVL MAC).  Just fill out and return the APPLICATION FOR DESIGN REVIEW form with samples of the paint you are requesting.  After your submittal is received by the VVL Administrative Staff, it will be added to the agenda and forwarded to the MAC for their review. 

Please Note: The MAC meets once a month on the first Tuesday of the month.  Submittals must reach the
Administrative office one week prior to the meeting in order to be added to the agenda.